• Juhellus Quite A Big Bang "Sheldon"

    Hips A/A, Eyes clear (2015), GSD-free

    3xCAC, 2xCACIB, 3xBOB
    Mental tested

  • Mörkehäll Cissi "Nahla"

    Hips A/A, Eyes clear (2015), GSD-free




Born 2015-06-26
Juhellus Quite A Big Bang | Mörkehäll Cissi

Name Colour/Sex Hips/Elbows Other health Show Hunting

Obedience/Rally-O/Tracking etc.

Mental test

M. Edwin Liver dog   GSD-free          
M. Egon Liver dog HD: A/A, ED: 0/0  GSD-free Very Good
      Exp. Denmark
M. Emil Black dog   GSD-free          
SE VCH, RLD N, RLD F, RLD A, RLD M, SE RLCH M. Engla Liver bitch HD: A/A, ED: 0/0 GSD-free CAC, BOS  

Blood tracking champion
Rally Obedience Champion
Passed first scent test in Nosework

MH, FB-R  
M. Estelle Black bitch HD: A/A GSD-free      






Juhellus Quite A Big Bang
ummerwind's Northern Thunder
Summerind's Nevending Story Summerwind's Jala's Ready Set-Go
Jar-Em's Jane Austin Of SW
El Mack's Jody Of Wits' end Karakul Casino
Wit's End Up The Down Stairs

aballus Yuhellus
Caballus Fair Dinkum Darelyn Double Dutch
Caballus Out For A Blaze
Juhellus Key To Caballus Lizallwood Wayward Lad
Caballus Que Sera
Mörkehäll Cissi Vestcurls Ecko
Uved's Zibibbo
Caballus Kingfisher
Månskugga's Mimosa
Vestcurls Cinderella
Caballus Fair Dinkum
Vicky Lolita

Aristocurl's Dancing Queen

Caballus Oscar Caballus Grans Slam
Oak's Wild Song
Khanastra Generous
Cobrizo Valenciano
Khanastra CelebrationDay


  • Mörkehäll Edwin "Elvis"

  • Mörkehäll Egon "Egon"

  • Mörkehäll Emil "Balder"