All puppies have found their own new families. Little Fenja will stay with us so we have very excited times ahead!
Next litter will probably be spring 2017.

The babies are now 2,5 weeks old. They have opened their eyes and han begun to be very curious about the environment. They are getting more steady on their feet and is walking around in the whelping boy. On monday they will be 3 weeks and it's time to try out real dog food. But for now, mommys milk is the best!

Unfortunataly we lost two of the boys. They were very small and weak. So we now have 4 boys and 5 girls, all growing strongly.

Siv has given birth to 11 puppies, 6 boys and 5 girls. Please visit our puppy page for more information!

Siv has now started to give us signs that she is in whelp. We hope everything will go smoothly and she will have healthy babies in a few weeks!

Our boy Gunvald has been hip scored and the result was B-hips. We are very pleased he is free!

Today Siv was mated to Hippo. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed of puppies in the beginning of April.

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