• Our first contact with the breed was with Titti Ericssons (Aristocurl's) lovely dogs. Annika and Titti were CO-workers and at that time Titti had two bitches (Ayla and Menta) and an old male (Frallan). We started to take care of Ayla and Menta when they came in season so old Frallan didn't have to move every time.
    Nicolina and Menta started to train and compete in agility together. And soon the house felt so empty when we didn't have the girls at home. So when it was time for Ayla to have her last litter, Märta came live with us.


  • Märta (Aristocurl's Dancing Queen) as born February 2005 and was not the easiestpuppy. But as she grew older and we started agility training, the obedience also started to come. We also started showing and she really enjoyed it. She got her 3 CACs very quickly. She gained the last and crowning CAC at the biggest show in Sweden. She was best bitch and also Nordic Winner 2007. A few weeks later she was BOB and Swedish Winner 2008.
    When she got older we started to train Rally Obedience. Something she was really good at. Märta has titles in three out of four classes. 


  • In 2007, Hugo (Aristocurl's Gun Powder) moved to us. Also from Titti. A dog on the smaller side. He got 2 CAC from junior and intermediate class but he never grew to be big enough to be able to compete for his last CAC in open. Hugo was also trained in agility as a youngster and later in rally obedience. He gained titles in novice and graduate class. With Hugo we have trained a lot of retrieving and it is his favourite thing in life.


  • Our first litter, the A-litter, was born in 2008 out of Hugo and Märta. We only got one puppy in this litter and he moved to a friend to the family.


  • In 2010 our 2nd litter (B-litter) was born. Sired by Hugo and out of a bitch that we borrowed - Yla (Ånholmens Tequila). 8 puppies born. This litter was mostly bred for the working ability.
    - Bodil got 81/100 points at Working Test and a 2nd prize and unoficiall hunting test.
    - Björn (Diesel) got made up to Swedish show champion and Nordic Junior Winner 2011.
    Bodil was kept in a CO-owning home but she never got any puppies.
    One bitch was exported to Norway and one to Finland.


  • Our 3rd litter (C-litter) was born in 2011 out of Märta and Ecko (Vestcurl's Ecko). Once again we got 8 puppies. Some of the puppies has a lot of will to please and loves to train.
    - Cinderella (Stella) moved to the stud dog breeder and has had a great show career. She was made up in an early age.
    - Carmen (Siv) has also been showed with nice results.
    Two bitches (Carmen and Cissi) were kept in CO-owning homes as we could not decide who to keep.
    Cissi (Nahla) was mother to our E-litter in 2015.
    The only male in the litter was exported to England and two bitches to Norway.


  • The D-litter was born in 2012. 7 black pups out of Yla and Vincent (Kelsmere Kosmopolitan). In this litter we got quite big puppies, all with nice coats, bone and substance.
    - Doris (Leya) was kept at home. She was MULTI CH and MULTI W at a very early age. She was also made up to Swedish Blood Tracking Champion.
    - Dante was exported to Russia and is also MULTI CH. He has a 3rd prize at hunting test.
    - Disa (Izzi) is norwegian show champion.
    - Dennis (Chingo) has CAC and BOB.
    - David (Cooper) has several class wins and BOB-puppy.
    Two dogs was exported, one to England and on to Russia. One bitch was exported to Norway.


  • In 2015 little Gunvald (Stormacre Ray of Light) came to live with us. He was imported from England, from the kennel that owns Mason (Casper) and Cooper (David) from our breeding. 




  • Later in 2015 the E-litter  was born out of Nahla and Sheldon (Juhellus Quite A Big Bang). Sheldon lives in Finland and has some American blood lines that are all new to us. 5 puppies were born.
    - Estelle was kept in a CO-owning home.
    - Engla was approved in blood tracking at just 9 months old and after that she has fast gotten a few 1st prizes.
    One dog was exported to Denmark.


  •  Our 6th litter (the F-litter) was born in March 2016. Proud parents are Månskugga's Hippo "Hippo" and Mörkhäll Carmen "Siv". 9 puppies were born (3 black + 1 liver boy, 1 black + 4 liver girls).
    - Fenja stayed with us at home.
    One bitch was exported to Lithania.